Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can We talk!..The Thursday Throwdown

Have we not covered much this week? And by golly the news, views and what have you just keeps on coming! Trust me, it doesn't stop and just when I think I'm getting a break from it all, there's more. It's all in a days work of COP:24/7, Arkansas' only daily updating online source for news, commentary, updates, links and anything else that makes the cut in this forum. Here we are again, and this outing we're doing a Can We Talk, The Thursday Throw down. Are you ready, if not get ready...

BLK Pride in the City: After sifting through e-mails and word of mouth, I finally got a look see at the official flyer for LRBP's Black Pride events being held this weekend, July 24 -26 in Little Rock. However, to my surprise there were items listed that I had not heard mentioned previously nor have I actually seen this "flier" physically circulating. With all that said, the event is proposed to go down Friday, July 24 with a "meet & greet" at host hotel La Quinta Inn, 901 Fair Park Blvd. I've heard unofficially that this starter will tentatively feature mentors from the International Black Gay Pride Federation and guest. According to the flier, the "main attraction day, Saturday" will include a Park Plaza "Mall Takeover," 3-9 p.m. and Splash Pool Party & Hot Body Contest, at the hotel, 5-9 p.m. Other e-blast sources cite a Sunday Family Fun Day Picnic at Reservoir Park at Cantrell and Reservoir Rd. and a Final event After party Farewell Bash at the Multi-Cultural Center Corner of 11th St and Cross St. LR. Yet, the flier that I received didn't list these activities. In another uncleared mention in the flier was the availability of "weekend passes." Despite the organizers best efforts they unfortunately offer no direction as to where you can get them, is the entire weekend's events covered or TA-DAH, how much do they cost? Hey folks, I just try to keep it real and deliver as it comes in. Stay tuned...

Lights, Cameras & U: I encourage any of you who want to share your stories to consider the Video Project, from Center for Artistic Revolution’s For ALL Families Matter. I've been personally approached to participate and when completed hopefully it will be posted to this site. The ALL Families Matter Video Project that is hosted on their website featuring LGBTQ community members with a member of their family; a parent, sibling, grandparent, etc. The conversation will feature the love and support of the family members, concerns around the inequalities and photo montages of the person as a child and growing up with their family. Our goal is to continue to eradicate the myths and stereotypes about our lives and our families and remind our fellow Arkansans that we are their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors! These videos will also go out on YouTube and Vimeo.
To schedule an interview time please call 501-244-9690 or email

Radio Rainbow: To date it's still the sounds of silence as far as the purported "gay radio" show that was proposed for KABF-FM. A few months back, I was solicited for participation in a new venture via the community radio outlet concerning the formation of a fresh show on the station. It was tentatively titled, Under the Rainbow and would feature segments from a round table of contributors. Meetings were held, assignments projected, time slot approached and the blessings from the Board of Directors of the station was the fuel that was to launch the show. However, to my chagrin and dismay, the entire project went down faster than you can say, "flaming Queen." Ultimately, I was informed that the original ideas and concepts were to be re-formatted with a new crew under the directions of station employee, A. Chagoya. Alright so be it. But, from what I can glean from the situation, the fact is that absolutely nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has transpired under that knee jerk decision. In the meantime, I was sorta asked to cool my jets about the situation as matters would work themselves out. Bullshit I say. If we are calling out politicians, opponents and those who are barriers toward our building a sense of community, we shouldn't allow "anyone" off the hook without some splaining! Let's call 372-6119 or e-mail the station at and ask, "Where's the Rainbow?"
Contributors Wanted: COP24/7 is an open forum space that's always searching for writers, creative types, photo bugs, videographers, pod casters and artist. This forum is seeking to expand our content across our growing platforms. If you are interested in "staying on point!" Then, let's hear from you today. Hit us up at

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