Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Dollars and Sense Edition

Wow! This edition is all about dealing with you dear readers and that mysterious disposable income that most of the GLBTQ community is supposed to be able to wheel and deal without regard. I say NOT. Yes, there are individuals whom have done well for themselves, a few who have been excellent financial stewards, then those who are in the land of Grand Delusions and ultimately the majority of us who are making a living and keep on ticking, despite any economic downturns. It's all about the Benjamin's and who doesn't really know that. If not then you may need to read on in this Dollar and Sense outing.

The "T" Word: Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally official or more official. I'm not sure exactly which, but the federal deficit has topped the 1 TRILLION DOLLAR mark. What!? I remember when I was much younger and that was only a few years back, that we spoke of "gazillion billion dollars." However, that thought process was never steeped in Economics 101 but now is an actual reality. The real kicker here, is that each of us, yes that's YOU and ME supposedly has a stake in this ball buster. According to the U.S. National Debt Clock, as of July14 my share, as well as, your share of the debt has reached a whopping $37,616.47! Holy Andrew Jackson! Only during his Presidency did this nation actually pay off it's national debt. Thusly, that shaky number was reached by dividing the number of U.S.citizens ( if only we knew who were really citizens and who's not?) of approximately 306,551,814 Million folks. Now, I know all this is a bit much to take, but steady yourself because you can actually find a "silver lining" in this matter by either investing for the future with Treasury Notes, Treasury Inflated Protected Securities, or my weapon of choice, Series Saving Bonds. No matter what you do, the new "IT" thing is all about saving as much as you can. As a disclaimer, I'm no financial whiz, however, it doesn't hurt to be an informed saver with the help of a qualified advisor such as my Edward Jones guru. In the meantime, you can actually make a "contribution" to the debt, via the Bureau of Public Debt, P.O. Box 2128, Parkersburg, WV, 26106. or hit the web for more info at: www.treasurydirect.gov Money makes the World go round!!!

QueerCents: I'm always musing on about this site and I can say that if you haven't had a chance to check it out, then you should. If not, I'm always sourcing materials from them to offer my readers another, "teachable moment." Here's another in a VLOG featuring finance vlogger, Clint, who makes it seem so simple to save, budget as well as, finding a quality of life on less.

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