Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue Monday

Even after the all the Moon fuss, not to mention that total eclipse, there's still plenty of stuff that makes the cut and that can be considered as "Moons over Little Rock." As usual this forum does it's ever loving best to keep it funky fresh and on point. So, let's step off to see what's really going on.

Tea Cup Benefit: "Is anyone out there!" Echos rebounded to the multi entertainer cast at last Sunday nights' Cassadine Benefit show, which rolled on to an audience equivalent to less than a Bakers' Dozen. What's a Baker Dozens' ? Thanks for asking, because that means that it's reported that only about "12" folks showed for this event. A Baker's Dozen is a whopping "13." Surprisingly despite the very low turn out, supposedly there was about "Three Big Headed Hundreds," collected for the effort. However, this low turn out, semi money maker didn't account for additional "expenses" that the show would incur, therefore this outing as well as Miss C herself ending up in the "red". Lesson learned: Don't forget that it takes money to make money honey. Hey, Miss C, here's some"real" advice for you, " get more info out, also you need to get your fabulous self out and promote your cash grab." Trust me, promoting is really the only way!

Chip In: Have you Chipped In yet? I bet not and what are you waiting for? The gadget has been positioned to accept donations toward Pride Picnic 2010. It's a secured platform supported by Paypal and showing your pride will help propel the planning to meet community expectations for this event. If you missed it this year, you can assist with making next year a even greater success. It's easy, secure and ready for you to make a difference. Will you Chip In TODAY!

Face Networking: Our new presence on Facebook has been off the hook. Thank you to all for your friend invites and "hello's." It's this forum to reach out and touch the LGBTQ community from all corners of the state. I'm glad to announce that our Fedjit feed has captured that we are penetrating into the rural areas as well as the metro. A big hello to Witter, Star City, Jonesboro, Bentonville and Maumelle. Let's go viral and let all of Arkansas know that COP 24/7 is the premiere online destination for updates, links, video, breaking news and podcasting! Keep it coming people and then share it with everyone you know!

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