Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 24/7 Catch Up under the Big Top & More

The variety of salutes to our men and women of the armed services during the Memorial weekend past, were stirring and uplifting. The multitude of stories as well as circumstances that befall our service individuals truly reflect the diversity of the ranks and their die heart commitment to defending the American experience. Although I've not served in this capacity, I support those who step into the breech on the behalf of us all, especially those soldiers which make the ultimate sacrifice. As the weekend closed and the revelery of another holiday ended, I realized how proud I am to be an American and living in the land of the brave and the free.

Harmony Health Care: The statistics are glaring and stifiling when it comes to assessing the nations health care landscape. It's unfathomable that studies from the health advocacy group, Family USA show that up to 86.7 Million Americans are uninsured over the last two years. President Obama has been using his bully pulpit calling for debate and constructive means to put together a far reaching health coverage package, meanwhile capitol hill stalwarts have been having hearing based on what they deem is politically feasible without many professionals from the trenches. Yet without overblown fanfare, Harmony Clinic opened several weeks ago and is underway with fundraising and serving the underserved of the area. Located at 201 W Roosevelt Road, the clinic has been designed to provide outpatient preventive and acute care, management of some chronic and long-term medical conditions, dental care, health maintenance, specialty referral, health education, limited, limited optometry services, and some prescription assistance. Services will be provided primarily by licensed medical professionals who donate their time without charge to VIM patients. Their user friendly website(http://www.harmonyclinicar.org/ ) has eligibility info, volunteer opportunities and actual downloadable forms for easy access prior making an intake appointment. I've been made aware of this clinic while attending other meetings in the city, with hopes that I will make time to volunteer with a project. If you need some limited medical asssistance you should consider this new care access point.

Rainbow Law Group: The UALR Bowen Lambda Student Law group has announced it's officers for 2009-2010. They are Scott Raper, President; Tony Fam, Vice President; Anne Miligan, Secretary; Josh Gillispie, Treasurer. Mike Lauro, co-founder and recent graduate stated that the group formed in 2007 has grown from a few interested individuals with two faculty advisor to a membership of 40. Mr. Lauro welcomed me to it's Transgender People and Law program last month which I found interesting and eyeopening. I was enlightend with the work of this campus entitiy and their pursuit to highlight law in the GLBTQ community. Congratulations to those new officers and I look forward to their platforms, future programming and impact locally.
Dont' Forget the Pride Picnic scheduled for June 21 at Kanis Park. It's in the works and you are encouraged to get involved. What activities should be considered? Should Adult beverages be available? Share your thoughts and observations with this forum as the preparations begin. Let's hear from you TODAY!!

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Adam Britt :o said...

The PRIDE picnic is at Alsop park, not Kanis park.


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