Monday, May 18, 2009

Raging the Monday Machine Onward

Are you getting that "WTF" feeling as you move through your daily chores? Yeah, it's that sense that stuff is going on around you and somehow you are not sure what really going on. In the meantime, you really ain't got time for the DS because you're damn busy. Well, that sums it up for many of us on a daily, weekly and almost a lifetime with each daybreak. Yet somehow I gather myself, shake it off and prepare my loins for battle. It's another day in the blog tank and let's get cracking.

American Idol Madness: I've been just amazed at the intensity and downright furor over Arkansas' Chris Allen, a favorite finalize in the ongoing singing contest. I'm not phoo-phooing that home town boy does good angle, but I was just dumbfounded about those dedicated fans, who are "power texting" to throw the contest in his favor. Since I'm simply out of the loop on AI, because I'm busy checking on the rest of the world, apparently you can do this exercise in quantum leaps of 10 or more. Who Knew? Personally, as I stood in line during the last Presidential election I felt that was time consuming enough. I simply don't have the patience to vote by text or phone for any body's idol for that matter. Local news reports have spotlighted that these die hearts were prepared to vote multiple times after the final performance tomorrow night and I learned from one individual who told me that they planned to vote not only from their "wheelchair", but had voted last week some 50 times by phone. I guess to each his own and so it goes in pop America.
Number Please: While everyone busy texting, plus reaching out and touching any place and anywhere, it seems that we may need an additional area code to go with 501, 870 and 479. The Arkansas Public Service Commission is gearing up for hearings and that all important public comment on the process to establish another state area code. According to the commission, the explosion of cell phones, land lines and communication stuff will be required to accommodate areas in South/Southeast Arkansas. I never thought I would live to see the day that little ole Arkansas had multiple area codes. Boy times are a changin and how!! Now, could we get the state wired with high speed connections so my readers with dial up can really get on point!

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