Friday, May 15, 2009

Zip File Friday

Finally, Thank God it's Friday! The day that ushers into the weekend and not too soon. It's been a wild and wet week that has had to end on a whisical note as well as off beat one. So lets lighten the mood with items from our Zip File Friday...

Techno Me: Producing this forum in it's present form has it's good days and bad days. It' can be a daunting task when trying to decide what will make the content cut and it's impact on readers. Also, staying in touch with you readers has it challenges due to the fact that you can check in whenever you choose and we are not soliciting your personal information. But, this forum is equip with some stat mechanism that allow us to measure a few benchmarks and thresholds. It's not rocket science, yet gives me somewhat of snapshot of the usage of this site. Ultimately, those figures and your responses will answer many important questions that will determine the future of this exercise.

The Obama Burger: It came and went. The Obama burger caper that was a source of many chuckles for myself. I kept wondering if the "talking heads" especially those FOX talkers, were really serious that his ordering "Dijon" and cheddar on his burger was some kind of news? Several weeks back, I watched a documentary on Air Force One which feature President Obama's first flight. During the program it showed Mr. O, ordering none other than, "a burger with cheddar and Dijon mustard." Apparently, POTUS Obama simply loves his sandwich enhanced with good cheese and a great condiment. What's news about that? I've had that combination and it's tasty. However, one of my best burger selections actually is a non-burger sorta. It's Denny's Boca Burger with or without cheddar and (if they have it) Dijon works great. But, of course a little French's Mustard and a dash of mayo can take you there as well. If you haven't had it, try it and tell them I sent you, since usually I'm among the few customers that enjoy this garden treat. How do you burger? Tell us about it, if you dare...

Arkansas Heritage: This is Arkansas Heritage Month and believe it or not, there's much about this state to be proud about. Even though we've had some instances that has put us in a "banana republic" spotlight, actually there are great qualities that other's around the nation are now finding out and I certainly play my part when doing conventions or visiting other cities. Let's stop selling short the Natural State with it's beautiful wooded areas, waterways and enchanting Ozark mountain areas. If you get a chance get out and about while enjoying museums, parks, game and fish showcase in the Rivermarket or walk the bridges over the river. It's a great state to explore! In the meantime try the website, it has a bounty of info and links to everything Arkansas and more!

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