Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Queer Frontier & Windmills

This is number 477 posting in this blog experiment that began as an untested voyage 4 years ago. To be honest, I never thought then that I would be still interested enough to keep at it all this time. Yet as I kept heeding the call of the keyboards, I discovered that I somewhat stumbled in a medium that allowed me to be the production shotcaller as well as the B-baller on my own court. As I looked back over the some 10,000 words or more that I've shared with you readers, I do feel a sense of both contribution and accomplishment to have done so without regret. Therefore, it's onward solider with our latest on mash up's, meltdowns and missteps in the land....

Plastic Dreams: They've done done it. Finally Congress at the behest of President Obama have made it their business to stick it to the banking/credit card pirates who have been giving endusers the grand swipe. This includes many in the GLBTQ community who are apart of the credit card nation and caught up in these strange economic times. I was not amused or immune from my personal pirates who sent me notice of the changing "credit environment" and their reasoning for raising fees and rates. I say bull knuckles! I decided long ago to get responsible for my credit use and business practices that have allowed me a sensible level of living. I reject the notion that somehow the environment has done some sort of back flip that penalizes me further with higher rates or fees. I understand the role that credit plays in our economic system, small businesses and capitalism as a whole. However, with bailouts, buyouts, bust ups and bustas all around, I hope that this bill will help consumers and not create some unforeseen nightmare on credit street.

Lavender Politics: Can you hear it? There's a slow drum beat of disappointment being thumped throughout rainbow land in reference to some of the promises from then, candidate Obama, now Commander and Chief Obama. What that's you say? It's the grumbling that probably about to get louder on Mr. O's missing in action on the miliatry's Don't Ask -Don't Tell still affecting gays in the armed services across the board. I was quite taken with Lt. Dan Choi's interview on Andy Coops 360 show as he was adamant and frank about the situation. What's really amazing about this gent who graduated from West Point is that he's a accomplished Arabic linguist which apparently we seem to need unilaterally. Not to mention hard to come by as we've learned from the miscommunication and cultural insensitivity that has occurred in that ongoing war theater. Let's face, not everyone can master that language with competence. He stated that despite his being removed from the service, if the band was removed he would re-enlist ASAP. On the other side, there are still those resistors who continue to ballyhoo and pontificate about soldiers in close quarters not their skill levels. On another front, the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is also a bone of contention with gay supporters who want to know what POTUS is thinking about or considering. I suspect that if there continues to be "crickets" from the White House, the queer noise level will rise to a crescendo. Mr. Choi has gotten much support with 118,000 signatures on a online petition to President Obama and I hope that many of you will show your support. For more info: http://www.couragecampaign.org/
Here's a video from the Rachel Maddow show for your consideration.

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