Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In the Twinkle of a Tuesday Eye

OH Wanda!: It's all about Wanda! Wanda who you ask? Well, it's Wanda Sykes of course. She's all the talk surrounding her "edgy" comedy routine at last weeks WHCD,(White House Correspondences Dinner) as she did "no she didn't go their" jokes on a variety of topics. In case you are wondering, well where did she come from to do such a high profile gig? Ms. Sykes has been blazing crossing the entertainment spectrum for some time and I've seen much of work from her BRAVO stand-up show to her scene stealing film work in Monster-In Law opposite legendary icon, Jane Fonda. The comedienne has been slated for a FOX talk show to debut possibly later this year. There have been calls for a teaming of Fonda with Skyes as a dual with NBC's Hoda and Kathie Lee. Now that sounds like a mash up if I've ever heard one. This outing is not the first time WS has made news. Sykes also sent out tremors once she "outed" herself proclaiming her Lesbian notions at a Prop 8 rally, as well as her marriage to her LTC in 2008. Since I was busy and couldn't get to DC for the dinner, I watched the event via cable which had total coverage from open to close. From the onset, the central focus of the evening was POTUS Obama and whether he would deliver the goods for a comedic angle. Mission Accomplished, as Mr. O lambasted himself and spreaded it around with great timing and an unusual knack of delivering a punch line with great ease. Ms. Sykes followed the President and began with softball pitches before moving on to a more irreverent tone. Her quips about Rush L. as a late 911 Hijacker due his Oxy crave, although received, camera shots revealed that there was a somewhat quizzy feeling in the audience. I raised an eyebrow but, I've heard worse and lot's of it coming from RL himself. The bit about his "kidney failure" I didn't find particular funny but Ms. Sykes tagged herself by saying "too much?" Let's face it people. Comedy isn't always pretty and often times can attack your senses beyond your comfort level. In the past men have cornered the off-colored market but the girls are barnstorming the stages with their own brand of Blue Comedy. Have your heard Lisa Lampanelli?(pictured) Kathy Griffin? Somemore and the Queens of Comedy? Let's not forget the new crowned Celebrity Apprentice winner, Joan Rivers, who has been calling out everybody from Vegas to the Poconos. As far as that is concern, so is life itself. Everyday my personal space is assailed with circumstances, sounds, smells and above all PEOPLE themselves who don't give a damn about how I may feel about anything. We all are living on this ball of confusion admist those who don't share our views of decorum, politically correct or taste levels. Many of them don't mind letting you know to your face. Personall, I'd rather you say what you mean, than say something you don't really mean. Surely the organizers of that event had "vetted" Ms. Sykes and should have known that some of routine can step over the line and then some. If you can't take the heat, then don't ask for heat when you really want lukewarm.

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