Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Turnabout

I'm not believing it, but the merry month of May is just to bow out before my very eyes. Gee Whiz, the first half of 2009 is quickly evaporating and time is just flying off the shelf. However, this forum continues bringing you the latest updates, commentary, links, video and even a kitchen sink or two, if it's necessary to make a point. That's CorneliusOnpoint, Arkansas' only daily updating portal for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Did you get that, why certainly...and with that said, let's go get em!!!!

Clicking COP: A few post back, I mentioned that this effort was approaching the 500 post milestone and I've been reviewing "this thing that I do," versus the various elements it's take to produce on a daily basis. There are some nice tools that give some insights the who, what, when and where readers are arriving from or departing to. I've not been enthusiastic at my "eyeball" count because it's not actually increasing, but in a plateau for numerous reasons. Despite more tech gizmo's and the ability to connect, it seems that I'm not exactly riding the wave as I'd hoped. I salute Sidetracks and STAR Bar for offering FREE wi-fi connections, plus the web presence of many of our local outlets. Yet, in my opinion even though I see many of you with your fancy hip gear ranging from pricey IPhones, Blackberrys to Lap tops, we haven't utilized or maximized the ultimate potential of the current technology to "seriously connect the dots." The dots being accessible data bases, alert networks and interactivity to share resources. Not to mention more online streaming of events, bulletins and content underscoring our stories. In order for that to happen it would take mucho coordination, cash infusion and creativity from a determined body of folks. I know we've got some gay computer geeks that need a challenge don't we? Sounds good doesn't it, but is it realistic? Well...let's think on it a bit. As far as my own backyard, I've assessed those reasons and although simple, it's really about more time, resources and commitment to facilitate a forward momentum. After all, none of this production, magically appears without me in the Big Chair, tapping it out, editing and following up if needed. O.K. if it takes a lot time, then whey continue you say? Because I believe that it's a platform that is an community open space to share, observe, comment, highlight, spotlight and offer insights that are pertinent to our status quo. Even though this blog is branded with my moniker, it is my sole intention that my provocateur stance be understood as a catalyst for sorely needed discussion from interested parties. With Pride 2009 looming over the horizon, It's my sincerest desire that the Rainbow Table has seats for anyone and everyone who seeks to be seated, as well as an accompanying welcoming spirit. I can attest that it's been our goal to embrace that concept here at COP:24/7 and you count on it till the fat lady sings.

Cash for Trash: The DSRA Yard Sale is taking place this weekend and if you got some items that you would like to part with, then go to their website( we've got a link in our Hotlinks section) for more info. I'm gonna look around myself to see if I can get in on it. Do it today!

Pride in the City: Pride 2009 schedules are showing up in the area outlets and they will make the cut in next Monday's Nuttin But Pride post. We will share all the must do's and maybe not's for this years mash up. Come on back, you'll have to read it for yourself, then run tell some body else!!!!

Editors Note: Thanks to a keen eye reader who caught our Oops concerning the Pride picnic location. It's in Allsopp Park not Kanis as posted. You guys will keep us on our toes and On Point. Hit the CAR link for picnic info!!!

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