Thursday, May 21, 2009

Take Down Thursday

Shhh! Shhh! Some body's talking out loud. OMG! It's Dick Cheney. Dick Who? You know the former power brokering VP in the Bush Nightmare at 1600 Penn Avenue. Didn't you think that these folks would go quietly into the night abyss? Well, it seems that Mr. Cheney won't go quietly or soon enough for my taste. He's been on a "dickathon" media talk-talk tour to anyone or anything that will listen. For goodness sake, I guess he didn't get to have say his say during those dark eight years that went down in flames, resulting in a mash up that we actually don't know how long it will take to recover from. Mr. Cheney, widely seen as an ultra Neo-con has been spouting off his brand of conservatism overtly spiked with the notions that the U.S. is less safe under President Obama. Less safe, say you? Exactly what the hell is less safe anyway. Personally I'm not convinced that this land will ever be safe despite whomever holds the office.Especially, not from those boogey terriorist that DC keeps conjuring up, nor the outlandish premise that GITMO detanees will somehow be allowed to run free and who knows maybe not even from home grown terrorist within our own borders. Let's face it, there's plenty of hate around the world for the U. S. and it didn't just appear with the ascent of Obama. On the contrary, it appears that the cowboy foreign policy and reckless attempts of nation building, regime change, WMD's ( weapons of mass destruction), torture chambers and so forth and so on was rotten eggs smelled around the world. Now comes Chatty Cheney out of ashes of that administration with more rhetoric and dogma in a unprecendented dueling policy speech opposite President Obama. Mr. Cheney, from my vantage point enough is enough. Of course this is still America where everyone is entitled to free speech. So have your say, promote your book, roll out the family and then please, please exit stage right. The country needs to move on with debacle clean up on aisle USA, meanwhile finding it's way back to some sense and sensibility. See ya.

Arky GOP Foot N Mouth: Well, from one fear monger to another stateside. It's GOP Chairman, former State Senator Doyle Webb's(pictured) with "foot in mouth disease." His sounding the alarm to area republic groups about a gay women, namely Kathy Webb's ( no relation) position to ascend to a chairmanship in the budget committee is just phoo phoo politics. How many more times will GOP stalwarts and their supporters continue with gay baiting and bashing. Mr. Webb's been soundly panned for this shooting from the hip quip and I certainly hope that he continues to get berated for this type of language. I really like the item found in the NWArkansas news,(5/19/09)

"...We'd like to think those times are past, and that a state GOP chairman so
desperate that he has to raise a pseudoissue like some one's sexual orientation
would be promptly and unmistakably rebuked by more respectable members of his
party. (Where are they, by the way?) Doyle Webb's comments about Ms. Webb
reflect poorly not on the lady but only on himself-and on the party he
represents. It must be bankrupt in the ideas department for its party chairman
to resort to so blatant and irrelevant an appeal to low prejudice.

Whew, there's some folks out there that's simply not going to let this type of far fetched observations get away without rebuke. It's so unfortunate that the state's GOP simply doesn't have any real agenda or relevance. Thank goodness that the party only have to endure this guy for two years. Shame on you Mr. Webb, you too should spend some time in the naughty chair.
On a positive note, there will be a fundraiser for Jay Barth's Senate run, 5.28.09 at Vino's. 5:30-7 p.m. 923 W. 7th street. For more info phone:870.918.2604 or Tell em you heard it here...!!

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