Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Which Way is Up Wednesday: The Oh! Edition

OH! my, it's another Wednesday and my inbox runneth over with news, tidbits, updates, pitches, and so much more. It's fast and furious this outing with a much as I can pack into this posting. So hang on and get ready to go on point....Away we go!

Fast CAR: After the " Oh? circumstances" debacle from LRCP concerning this year's Pride festivities, CAR's spunky DYSC participants stepped to the plate by canceling their own picnic to pursuing a community wide event, 6.21.09 at Allsopp Park. This forum has been at the forefront on inquiring about the lack of organization of that event. With this new effort taking shape, I'm ready to put my MONEY behind my bully pulpit and throw open the challenge to the community at large. According to their newsletter, details are still forth coming. However, if you’re interested in supporting the event and/or volunteering please let them know at 501-244-9690 or Don't forget to can chat it up here as well.

Under the Crown: I mentioned that their was interesting new twist in pageantry being worked up and it's now taken on a new moniker. It's the Miss RED Ribbon Arkansas which will be an open contest tentatively scheduled for Nov. 28 at Jesters, Hot Springs. As for the twist, even though it will feature some of the same basic pageant elements,(i.e. male interview, evening gown, etc.) the winner is designated to pursue an HIV/AIDS platform via being "Miss Red Ribbon." At this posting, as with most pageants, interest seems to be gaining and to my surprise my participation has been respectfully requested as a, OH! My, contestant. I think this call for some polling and I plan to ask readers to share their thoughts on this request. The floor is definitely open.....

LRFF REELS UP: OH, Little Rock! Partial to film festivals, I'm beaming with pride that the Little Rock Film Festival is evolving in to a "buzz" fest on the film circuit. Who knew? One of the premier events of the festival and a major fundraiser for the LRFF, the event takes place in the stunning Great Hall of the Clinton Presidential Center. Iconic TV personality, film producer and just one of my all time favs, Phil Donahue will give a keynote speech. The new LRFF grand prize the Golden Rock will be unveiled and given away to the best narrative and documentary feature films. There will be music and video entertainment with DJ Deeter along with an incredible spread of food and drinks. Sponsored by the Arkansas Times. Co-chaired by Vincent Insalaco and Judy Tenebaum. Special guests include: Governor Mike Beebe, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, and Master of Ceremonies Alan Leveritt, A ticket is required for this event. Purchase your gala ticket here: If you get a chance at attend, I know you will, there will be some SGL offerings, check schedules at there great interactive website,

Black Pride in the City: Again, there seems to be some type of organized effort from the Little Rock Black Pride committee with activities in June. At this posting, I'm still unclear on the actual line up, except that supposedly their will be (again) strippers and a "show." It's being bandied around that all this will take place at the MetroPlex event center. The groups website, states that (again) the host hotel is La Quinta on Fair Park. I will be asking for further clarity from S. Rogers, event organizer. In the past, sought to participate and have attended certain activities, but found the whole affair sorta disjointed, over pitched and erratic. Case in point, I went looking for a proposed pool party at the then host hotel (La Qunita downtown) only to find that it was never fully realized. After inquires, I discovered that this was par for the course on many such events connected with LRBP. Stay tuned....

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