Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spring Flinging ala Mid-Week

Over the hills and through the woods to COP we go! So far 2009 has been rockin and rolling along with more twist and turns that you can count on one hand. At most, each day I certainly don't know what will be breaking news or ineptness to the second power. It's a spin of the big wheel from my Big Chair when I hit the keyboards early AM or PM. However, I must admit, I'm never at lost of items for this blog, whether they are updates, commentaries, links, opinions or downright silliness. It's all here for you dear readers and it's my pleasure to put it out there for your consideration. As always, your feedback is extremely important to this forum, especially since many local online offerings either don't allow, court or desire such frank interaction. I stand ready for "voices to carry" with candid or out of the box observations. So without further delay, let the flinging began...

Capitol Hill Word Up: Are you scratching or shaking your head at the latest "Worderama" courtesy of Ring One of the 3 ring circus known as the United States Congress. The central focus this time out is Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be ebbing and flowing her accounts of what she knew, when she knew it, what they said and exactly who said it, when. I'm aghast at this career politician at a pinnacle of power whom appeared befuddled, bumbling as she recounted her briefing Excuse me but, matters of this importance shouldn't rely on fuzzy recalls and "what I meant to say was," follow ups. Clearly, there was a briefing on Torture Tactics better known as "enhanced interrogations methods," some where in D.C. and top officials were involved. Got that. Yet what's got a stinky in my noise, are the facts of Mrs. Pelosi hard right explanation, throw down- call out "they're lying" spitball of the CIA, then, her hard left semi-retraction or quasi-pull back on what she thought she said. Confused yet? Stop the madness, people. I expect my leaders to be able to articulate answers with clarity, depth, FACTS and viola! with some semblance of TRUTH. Wow what concept. Come on Mrs. P. and the rest of you lawmakers, when are you people going to stop the spin machines and just give us the stone cold facts about what you heard, when and what was resolved on the issue. All of us have had it with the talking out of both sides of your mouths. Get this, were not as distracted as may think and we're watching and listening closely. Very closely. (caricature credit: JSP)

Glibbing Gibbs: Speaking of Twisting Tounges, I watched as White House press mouthpiece, Robert Gibbs in a give and take with WH correspondents on the DADT. Mr. Gibbs was put in a full court press with direct questions about his implication that their were some type of "active talks," in place on the matter, when in fact Pentagon officials had previously retorted that no such "talks" were taking place or scheduled. Gibbs admitted that perhaps he had mis-spoke on the certainty that there were "talks" in place but rather droned on with open ended words such as the President is supportive and engaged. Say What? POTUS is engaged and supportive about a bucket full of issues for that matter. I'm sure that all those crackerjack staffers can find a means or avenue to move this item along the pipeline. I realize that the economy is still in tank, two wars are still percolating and the GITMO hot spot are flash points, but there could be more done. I discovered a interesting DADT item from the UC's Santa Barbra's Palm Center at that's a worthy read. It's an actual point by point plan describing how to end the program. So what's Mr. Gibbs saying, well we will have wait until the next session, when he'll be back in Press Briefing room with more fresh glibness.

Pride in the City: Don't forget that Allsop Park will be the site for this year's PRIDE 09 Picnic, June 21. The details are forthcoming for this community wide event. If you want to donate, volunteer, showcase or get updates call 501.244.9690 or 501.258.3186 Show some pride TODAY!! Stay Tune to COP 24/7 for the latest...!!!

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