Friday, May 08, 2009

Mixed Fruit Friday

Have you been tuned into this forum this week, then you know that it's been a fruit basked and then some. That name naughty chair needs a designer touch and I bound to get that done before the next time any one tries to send me their. I've always promoted this outlet as an open source for the GLBTQ community and beyond. I've never and I repeat never being afraid of free speech, daring prospectives, colorful stances and those who want to say what's exactly on their minds. If you've been tuned in this week, the viewpoints have been robust with a every man to his corner attitude. So be it. Let me be clear, I'm locking and loading with more what you are really looking for....prepare yourselves.

AIDS Walk 09: Just as I've moved on from that other mash up, then comes a fundraising letter from AAF. You know those folks known as the Arkansas AIDS Foundation/ ConsortiaCare organization that is charged with assisting POZ individuals and such. After opening the piece, I was broadsided ( you know that's one of my favorite terms) from this fundraising or sorta outreach letter that stated that "they've missed my input." Say what? My input? If I remember correctly and in full disclosure, I was pursued by the then AAF Foundation President, Ron J. to serve on the AAF board around 2003-04. Yet when I began to ask those pesky hard questions that I'm beginning to get known for and be what a "board participant" is suppose to be, I was sorta ask to leave without fanfare. No kidding people. I don't make this shit up. My LifeMate and I gathered can goods and cashola for the haul. Much of this work done by partner who was so confused when he didn't even get a "Thank You" letter from anyone connected with AAF. Meanwhile my pretties, once again, I made it too hot in the kitchen for those hens who were sitting pretty with rubber stamps on most issues. Basically because they really had not done their homework and didn't have a clue about who, what , when, why or whatever the subject matter became. Never mind that past news, something other that caught my attention in this "letter" was the fact that in the side bar, they actually allowed their vacancies to be printed in their official stationary. So what you ask?, well why tell me about your effectiveness, not to mention ask me for cash and your groups need for my support when you don't actually have enough individuals to fill key positions on your board? Poor Frederick Gentry seems to be trying to be "every women" as President, and committee person extraordinaire. I know Fred. He's most pleasant and apparently has a tireless tolerance for AFF. This guy was involved during my strange term as a board thingy and gosh dern it he's still there! In the meantime, the new ED, is Dr. Micheal Cannon whom states that he's ready to meet and greet signed off on this packet. (there's a typo that states he's been there since October 2009?) I hope he's ready, because I'm ready to ask a few questions. For more info on the AIDS WALK 2009, check there site: If we get a response, and you know some times we do, I'll have it all for you here. Until then....
Miss POZ Percoulating: I've been made aware of a sorta novel idea in which there is a competition of individuals contending for Miss Poz Arkansas. The twist, those competing will be avowed HIV positive surviors. The winner will be charged with addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS in the community and openly articulating the various aspects of living with HIV/AIDS. Interesting twist don't you think? Well, what say ye! I've been called upon to respond and I have to the organizer. I'll let you know what's up and how.

CHIP IN: The Chip-In gadget will soon join our side line up seeking your support for this forum and our efforts to keep asking what you really want to know and may not. It's formatted and will be kicked in to gear this next week. If you decide to donate, it's all safeguarded and will allow you to show some pride for our mission to keep it real and OnPoint. Will you support, today? Need more info, then hit us up for it...

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