Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday Mix Down

Whew! Where that that weekend go? Well, it went right out the backdoor into another week of more of what I hope you are looking for. More updates, sightings, insights, commentaries, breaking news and maybe a kitchen sink or two. It's all here in the a Monday Mix Down of COP:24/7 and more. Are we ready? Fine, let's go get em.....

Beach Blanket A Go-Go: As Executive Producer of this forum, I make every attempt to cover, discover, translate and disseminate items that are pertinent to the SGL community and beyond. Last Friday, I again mentioned or better yet sorta, "advertised" the ongoing Diamond State Bear quarterly party that has it's detractors as well as fans. I have disclosed fully that I've attended and have posted any and all viewpoints offered concerning the matter. To date there has been no official statement from DSB, but I know that they know they're on our radar. My attention was again piqued by another reader who stated that they encouraged individuals "not" to attend these functions. After reading their feedback, there were some facts that I felt warranted further observations. First, the reader cited that they were allegedly notified via a "roommate" that he would not be welcomed to the event unless he was dressed more "masculine." Of course, as a private entity, DSB is afforded the position to be the shotcaller of who shall enter or not to it's throw downs. Is it politically correct?, probably not. Shortsighted? depends on who you ask. Continues the perception of a divided community existing in filters and rose colored glasses? BINGO! This syndrome has plagued this state since I can remember and from all indications the mindset is firmly entrenched. In other words most folks just don't want to deal with our internal struggles with racism, ageism, sexism or much else for that matter. Many Arkansas Girls or Boys just wanna have fun, not rallying to a cause. AB's visual statement as a Trans/ Gender Non-Confirming person is a phenom that unfortunately may cause some discomfort or be striking to the senses. However, as I've heard from this person, this is his purpose and intent to call into question the issue of gender. I support his right to make that statement, yet if his behavior detracts from that stance, then perhaps there may be other issues at play. Ultimately I'm further bemused that AB would be singled out since the ringmaster of these events publicly supports "gender bending" in his own household including fundraisers involving DSB members! Now, really. It's one thing to not like someone personally than to espouse some kind of flimsy "visual judgement" that smacks of foolishness. After all I know quite a few "bears" that still fuck sissies as quick as they can get their boxers down.
In case you are clueless to what the Bear & Cub mash up is all about, here's a video teachable moment for your consideration from our online partner, YouTube provided by the Bear Channel. Talk about visual stimulation....Priceless!

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Adam Britt :o said...

Hi Cornelius,

It's Adam Britt again, the previous commenter. In this post you refer to me using many male pronouns, in which I do not identify. If you would be so kind as to use my proper pronouns (gender neutral, specifically "it") that would be wonderful.

Also, the photo(s?) you linked to are private, so most of us probably can not see them. I know that I can not.

As to the issue of folks creating these 'private spaces', we need to look further into what kind of power these spaces provide to the creators. We see these same practices in use across the nation, at private religious Universities and Colleges. Legally, politically, what have you, are these practices allowed? Sure! Are they an incredibly powerful tool to keep people out of spaces who are unwanted or undesirable? Yes!