Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mid Week in a Spin Cycle

Voices are carrying this week and players, "It's and fingers are in full affect at keyboards in cyberspace. As usual, COP:24/7 is in the mix being vilified, vexed, stereotyped and damn near ready for the wood shed in reference to postings past and current that have appeared in this forum. As an open space for opinion, observations, commentary and such, there's going to be assumptions and accusations of this forum, myself and it's purpose in relation to the GLBTQ community and beyond. I'm always amazed at the "touchstone" items that garner the most reactions and those that I can't get a damn whimper about. I've posted items ranging from national causes such as California's Prop 8, Arkansas' Congressional delegation citing overall "silence" from constituents on AIDS funding or other big items issues, or local flavor involving organizations. Yet this week, the mash up emcompasess Gender politics, preferences, perceptions, and pronouncements a go-go! Where do we start? O.K. Here's a snapshot to slingshot you to an update. A reader commented about the DSB party event held at the DSRA which set things in motion. Subsequently, DSB organizer Michael went on the offense commenting on the matter and calling this forum on the carpet as a cheerleader for inaccuracy mongering, offering only one side of the story, unabashed self promotion, selective comment printing and finally, down right mudslinging! Are you still with me? Do you really care? Well, if you do, Mr. M stated that I had failed to post his response to an earlier posting dealing with another comment from a reader, sorta at the crux of this whole matter. I am reprinting his entire e-blast, without any editing or anything else. It's not dated, but according to him was sent previously. This is where I go to the naughty Big Chair and wait with my box of TIDE.


This following is the response that I sent you when you started raising issues with DSRA and printed a note from a Mr. Jones to exclamate your point. I sent it in the same fashion that I sent the latest response. I received no bounced emails or errors messages, so the natural assumption from me is that you CHOSE not to print the truth. Because I realized that you seemed to only print responses that furthered your ambition to get your blog read, that is why you have not received any "official comment" from the owner of DSB (me). I do not believe in journalism where you raise inflammatory questions, but make sure to shroud it in specific verb-age such as "alleged" or "sources tell me" or "rumor has it" in an effort to deflect attention from that it is truly the author that is making the accusations and not wanting to take responsibility for them.

Message that I sent to your blog:

Dear Cornelius,
I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Mr. Jones comments. This will be my only response. As I have grown older, I have learned a great many things. One of the most important things I have learned is to stop beating your head against the wall when there is malice involved. You simply put the truth out there: Those who seek it, will find it. Those who deny it, will ignore it. And those who believe it, probably already knew it to begin with. Mr. Jones seems to have developed a dislike for DSRA many, many years ago. I say that due to his statement that he was there at the birth of the organization and left “in disgust” two years later. DSRA has been around a great many years. The truth is: There is NEVER any sex after any shows at DSRA. To state otherwise is just false. Any comments suggesting drug use at DSRA is false as well. Drugs are not tolerated at DSRA, or Diamond State Bear events. I personally will escort anyone I ever see in that building with drugs to the door (forcefully if necessary). As for anyone having any type of unprotected sex (anywhere or anytime). I feel that we all are responsible for our own actions. Our bodies are our own precious vessels. Every adult should respect that vessel and protect it from harm. As for Mr. Jones being “criticized and shunned”, I have never done so because I have never heard of him! To say that anything is run by the “almighty Penis” totally flies in the face of the hard working lesbians that volunteer their time and effort for this organization. As for problems that DSRA has faced over the years. I want to remind everyone that they are a totally volunteer organization. I challenge anyone to name a organization (where not a single person receives pay) that has not had its share of trials and tribulations. Because no one is turned away if they choose to volunteer (or run for office, or run for a royalty position), I think that it stands to reason that from time to time there will be those individuals that stand out (both good and bad), or that may sometimes make decisions that you we do not agree with. I am sorry that Mr. Jones has never given himself the chance to attend some of the events out there. I’m sure he would have wept when there was a tribute to a longtime member who passed way to soon. Or smiled when one of DSRA’s oldest members had her birthday party there. Or been touched when DSRA had a benefit to help with medical expenses for a non-member whose partners passing left him huge expenses. Before I close, I do want to say in a heartfelt manner: I am sorry that Mr. Jones lost a partner, it is a pain that everyone, gay and straight, should never have to endure. My condolences to him. This letter is the truth. I have put it out there. This is my final correspondence on this matter. No matter what the response to this posting (good or vile), I am done.
Michael Ashley

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