Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Up Periscope from Under the Rainbow

It's the second month of the 2nd Quarter and the world's still turning as of today. Yes, dear readers still rocking and rolling along despite N1H1, California burning, Bailouts, Bankruptcies and loads of BS. It's all here just for the taking and this forum continues to update daily with topics that enlightend, enrage, enrich and empower. In the words of Raul Castro, "everything is on the table!... Let's feast.

A Writing We Go: Just when I thought I was covered up with putting this exercise in free speech out daily. Then comes my comrades at NABWMT asking me to assist in producing the organizations internal publication, now known as The Quarterly. What is NABWMT you ask? Thanks for asking. It's an acronym for the National Association of Black and White Men Together which has been in existence for two decades and counting. The Mission Statement states our purpose," NABWMT is a gay multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments wherein racial and cultural barriers can be overcome and the goal of human equality realized..." After re-connecting last year at the STL convention, I was tapped for more participation in the group, with sights of maybe developing a future "MAC Rock" chapter. Locally, I tried sowing the seeds of this concept some 20 years ago with marginal results, but perhaps a second sowing could be in order. I'm open and ready for others who would like to explore this unique possibility and opportunity for outreach. First, let me clear up any preconceived notions about this group. The name BWMT was developed as a revolutionary marker in 1980, as the gay movement was in groundswell. Membership in the organization is not limited to interracial couples. But an entity that supports those whom share that experience within the gay construct, which has been problematic for such couplings in need of social zones and dual cultural activities. Although wagging tongues have tried to defame the group as "sexually driven," nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, in any organization their are opportunities for discovering companionship but this is not nor has it ever been the central focus of BWMT. I was drawn to the concept due to the engaging and powerful resources that were offered as I dealt with the core issues of racism, sexism and homophobia in my life and beyond. This is the stimulating foundation from which the organization exist and offers it's members. With all that said, we still have fun too and yes, by golly, you might meet a great guy or new BFF's in the process. Interested? Then hit me up( nealix101@comcast.net) and let's vibe about it!

Pride in the City: It's official as we posted last week. The much touted Capitol Pride 2009 is a "no go" according to a press release (5.5.09) on it's website. The statement cites that the Board of Directors chose to cancel "due to circumstances beyond our control." Also, it states that the board is committed to staying together to callaborate locally during Pride Week 09, meanwhile raising funds for Pride 2010. Supposedly there will be additional schedules posted to the site and other platforms. Alrighty then. What I find somewhat curious about this PR move, is that it's simply posted with no contact person for follow up, no listing of the current board members who made this decision or much else explaining their situation. There you have it Central City, more of the status quo that we've come to expect and anticipate. Another event nicely wrapped in "circumstances beyond someone's control." Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Since you refused to print my first response months ago, I can only assume that you will refuse to print this one as well. I have to assume that since you see me in the bar all the time, and you and your partner say hello and smile to me, and you have never once asked any questions about the DSB; I guess it is more important to you to print controversy on your blog than to get all sides. Even though you will not print this, I am writing because I know you will read it before you delete it. Your latest efforts of mud slinging at DSB is quite a bit like some of your other info regarding my parties....inaccurate. It is a shame that you have gone from being a friend, to beleiveing information supplied to you by someone who even the gay bars have banned. If you honestly want information about me or DSB Cornelius...my email is LRmales@yahoo.com . I was there for your partner when he needed care, I upsets me that you would turn on me and spread such half truthes all in the name of furthering your blog. Michael

Adam Britt :o said...

What is very fascinating about being kicked out of Sidetracks is this:

The only reason I got for being kicked out was because they are a private club and "they can do that". No explanation other than that, although its pretty clear that they did not want me there for much of the same reason Michael does not want me as his sex parties.

Interesting how another gay in the area is using their private status to be gatekeepers and keep out the unmentionables. Clearly Michael is all about me getting kicked out of Sidetracks, because it just makes it more apparent to him that he can gate keep at his sex parties all he wishes.