Monday, May 11, 2009

Legends N the Afterglow

Dare to Dream of Vi!
I had to take a moment to brace myself. Subsequently finding solace in the fact that yet, another passing had taken place, this time Miss Viola Wills of popular disco fame in my mind and globally. She departed this life at 69 years old, on 5.6.09 and leaves a host of family, grandchildren, and certainly fans, of which I will always be. Every time I'm faced with these milestones, I go into reflection on when I first heard or why it any of it mean so much to me reasoning. Then, I stop and understand that even though the person providing that soundtrack to my life track has been silenced, I'm still here in the moment to re-live and re-immerse my self into days gone by. And what days they were for those of you who missed them. Thanks Viola for your Stormy Weather send up, most famously done by the legendary Lena Horne which threw me into a Saturday night frenzy,( and quiet as it kept on some nights at my abode it still does). Yet it was the optimism of Up on the Roof that allowed me to dance the night away with my long lost dance partner, Bobby T., that I think of most fondly and miss dearly. Gonna Get along Without You says all it needs to say as far as I'm concerned especially when I needed that attitude when love went MIA. There will always be something to remind me of Viola when I hear those catchy repeat phrases, energetic music rips and sweaty boys gyrating into a euphoria that may never happen again. Overall it was Vi's simple mantra that will live on forever in my heart: "Aim for the sky and always dare to dream." My condolences to her family as well as her extended family around the world. Thank you Viola for everything and more!! RIP! I gonna dream in colors and more!!! You can leave your signatures or tributes at

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